[Beowulf] Docker vs KVM paper by IBM

Jason Riedy jason at lovesgoodfood.com
Wed Jan 28 09:30:47 PST 2015

And Andrew Holway writes:
> Docker was encouraging us to do very sloppy work.

Define "us."  My perspective is that Docker-ish things can let
system staff focus on the hardware and low-level interfaces
maintained exactly the way you intend.  Then "application
consultants," if you have those on staff, can help areas develop
their images in whatever way they need.

And grad students can just throw any old crud together at the last
moment, use it, and not muck things up for people who spend (far
too much) time getting things set up just right (only to need
something else for the next project).

The sloppy part of the problem can be addressed sloppily and the
fussy part can be addressed carefully when appropriate.

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