[Beowulf] 10G networking?

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Fri Jan 23 07:09:55 PST 2015

> We have been using 10g CX4 for the past 7yrs for our cluster core
> network and are just going fully into 10gT. But our focus is more on
> bandwidth/HTC instead of HPC, i.e. we do not care so much about latencies.

I'm sorry if I was unclear: I'm interested specifically in whether 
recent developments change the basic 10G picture.  we have cx4 as well,
and lots of IB, but all our 10g is oldish stuff.  I guess I'm kind of 
hoping to hear that switch, nic, driver improvements have changed the 
picture from years ago, when the best you could do with 10g was ~7 us

> Do you have any particular tests in mind, we can certainly look into it
> and report back on our findings.

min packet ping-pong latency is the standard metric, though packets/sec
rate might be interesting as well.

thanks, mark hahn.

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