[Beowulf] Open source and the Draft Report of the Task Force on High Performance Computing

Joshua Mora joshua_mora at usa.net
Thu Aug 28 09:19:15 PDT 2014

> This is something China readily admits, and is 
> working to address.* At the pace their, moving though, I imagine it 
> won't be long before this is fixed, but a cultural change like that 
> would still probably take some time, I'd say 10 or more years.

I read on an interview to a scientist on another discipline (bio science) that
China is starting to offer to leading scientists in their fields to bring them
over and put in their hands a fully equipped lab (including staff of +50) to
speed up their R&D.
So depending on urgency, I do not think there is a need for cultural change.

It seems to me like a shift on world economics in 21st century will produce a
wave of scientist to move to China, very much in the same way it happened in
US in 20th century.

Maybe that personal forward looking statement is sci-fi, we'll see.


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