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>     Yes, Pete, Guy and I have been debating this stuff for some time,
>     together with some of our informatics coders.
>  Should virtualisation ever also be necessary (for example to ship ... 
> to another site to analyse some of their data)
> Well why not just clone your informatics coders?
> I'm sure you have all the necessary technology at the Sanger Centre - 
> line up your coders, take a DNA sample,
> clone them and send off the clones on low cost airline flights to 
> where they are needed.
> I suppose the nine-month lead time might be a bit problematic from a 
> project planning point of view.
> ---
> I took a project management class on task planning, and we worked in 
> fungible work months. (I think the instructor was born after Brooks 
> wrote his book) Why can you not divide the reproductive work among 9X 
> workers and get your toilers in a month?  OK, I recognize that this 
> isn't possible today (although see below for a better idea).
> Perhaps a bigger concern is the latency from birth to "productive 
> coder".  Is there a potential application of computational chemistry 
> here to produce pharmacological agents that will reduce that 10 year 
> latency (minimum) to something smaller?  Perhaps with selective 
> breeding or genetic manipulation?  Chickens and cows reach marketable 
> size much faster today than they used to. Software developers (or STEM 
> graduates in general) are next.  Conceivably, one could reduce the 
> gestation period as well. These physically smaller coders (make em 
> smarter faster, but don't waste energy on growing large bodies) will 
> occupy less space in the office, so we can turn today's space wasteful 
> cube farms with their 8 foot ceilings into something more reasonable. 
>  Perhaps not to the size of the cages for battery hens, but still 
> smaller than today's cubicle.
  This made me smile. Sort of Futurama heads in jars meets Big Bang Theory

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