[Beowulf] DMCA take down notices

Ellis H. Wilson III ellis at cse.psu.edu
Sat Nov 23 09:09:39 PST 2013

On 11/23/2013 05:01 AM, Andrew Holway wrote:
> There is a legal mechanism to deal with this which protects both the
> copyright holder and the host. Please can we talk about supercomputers
> again because this "issue" is_EXTREMELY_  boring.

Great points Andrew, and I'll /strongly/ +1 this with a few caveats:

1. We can't just move past this entirely without doing something, else 
this will inevitably come up again.  Chris has set forth a rule, which 
I'll abide by, despite it being a little too broad IMHO (I personally 
have zero problem with people taking whole articles of my own and 
reposting them provided they aren't from copyrighted sources).

2. I still claim it will be entirely absurd to punish future members 
with moderation without a rule list that they receive upon signing up 
with the list (easy to achieve with a simple link and a page).  If 
somebody wants me to draft a set of rules to put my time where my mouth 
is, I'll be happy to do so, and will use existing etiquette rules as a 

3. While I think Joe might be taking a slightly more authoritarian tact 
to handling this than I would have, I agree Eugen and/or anyone else 
shouldn't be posting whole articles.  This said, I definitely do not 
want to lose either to moderation as both bring great things to this 
list.  Particularly in defense of Eugen, this list has grown quiet for 
long periods in the past, and Eugen has a knack for posting insightful 
articles that rekindle conversation.  It would be ideal if we could keep 
that good quality of his, while moving to a more "summary + link" format.


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