[Beowulf] Admin action request

Bill Broadley bill at cse.ucdavis.edu
Fri Nov 22 23:12:51 PST 2013

>    Option 3: Enforce some of our basic etiquette.  If you aren't willing 
> to abide by the house rules, you won't be allowed into the house to 
> violate the rules.  In this case, I see more than two strikes, so I am 
> not all that inclined to be terribly forgiving of these breaches.

I like #3, especially in respect to copyright.

Do we really need to enumerate all the US laws we shouldn't violate?
Seems kind of silly.

Violating copyright by copying another authors work in it's entirety is
wrong, at least in the USA.

Because someone might not have seen an article is not an excuse to
violate copyright.  Post a summary, snippet, outline, or related that's
perfectly legal under fair use, or post a link.

I'm sure if Penguin (or whoever runs the list) has a legal department
aware of any copyright violations that the offender or the list would be
dealt with immediately.  I find the list valuable so I hope it sticks

Can't we just abide by the rules of the society we live in?

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