[Beowulf] [zfs] Re: [zfs-discuss] Petabyte pool?

Hearns, John john.hearns at mclaren.com
Mon Mar 18 11:22:22 PDT 2013

We've come close:

admin at mes-str-imgnx-p1:~$ zpool list
datapool   978T   298T   680T    30%  1.00x  ONLINE  -
syspool    278G   104G   174G    37%  1.00x  ONLINE  -

Using a Dell R720 head unit, plus a bunch of Dell MD1200 JBODs dual
pathed to a couple of LSI SAS switches.

Using Nexenta but no reason you couldn't do this w/ $whatever.

We did triple parity and our vdev membership is set up such that we can
lose up to three JBODs and still be functional (one vdev member disk
per JBOD).

This is with 3TB NL-SAS drives.

That's very interesting.
My kneejerk reaction is always to say 'data does not exist unless you have two copies of it' -
ie. You should always make sure there are two copies of data on separate media.

In this setup though it looks like you can achieve substantially that result, without mirroring between
two completely separate ZFS servers.
Being able to lose three JBODs without overall losing data is interesting - can we find out more about this setup?

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