[Beowulf] Innovative liquid cooling

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Fri Mar 1 11:00:29 PST 2013

> For future reference, I just looked up these thermal conductivities:
> Air : 0.024 W/m-k (at 298K)
> Water:  0.58 W/m-k (at 300K)
> Mineral oil: 0.162 W/m-k
> 3M Novec 7000:  0.075 W/m-k

H2 is 0.168 at 25C.  *that* is what we should all be cooling our clusters with!

> Sources:
> http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/thermal-conductivity-d_429.html

yeah - weird collection.  salmon and silver; raw potato and portland cement.

> I went with the 3M Novec because it looked like "7000" was written on

good spotting!

thanks, mark.

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