[Beowulf] AMD Roadrunner open compute motherboard

Lux, Jim (337C) james.p.lux at jpl.nasa.gov
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I think the idea behind OCP is to be pretty conventional and pedestrian.. They weld the "rack" enclosure out of 2" square steel tubing.  Their model isn't to get the highest performance in the densest area, but rather, the lowest cost per performance.  The kind of thing where you can hand the fabrication drawing to any shop and have them build it.

Raw floor space for their applications probably isn't at a premium (i.e. they're not installing facebook servers in Manhattan at a kilodollar/square meter/month.. they're putting them next to power plants so power costs are low and near toxic waste dumps or swamps or something where land is cheap).

If you're building a large warehouse type facility, floor space isn't as expensive as wall length: concrete tilt up construction and the like.  Or the "racks of computers in shipping containers on gravel pads in a field next to a wind turbine " type facilities

Jim Lux

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these things seem incredibly conventional.  I was hoping for something a little creative, like heatpipes in the chassis, mating to a liquid-cooled cold plate in the rack.  how about super-caps in the PSU to provide enough hold time to dispense with UPSs?  how about a distributed switching fabric, like 6x10G port in each node, with an FR4 in-rack subnet.
something with dram stacked on an interposer with the cpu die?

regards, mark hahn.
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