[Beowulf] single machine with 500 GB of RAM

Sabuj Pattanayek sabujp at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 07:43:50 PST 2013

> I am not aware of a single socket motherboard that can cope with 500GB
> ram. 2 socket motherboards support about 256GB (128GB per processor)
> or so at the moment and quad socket boards upto 1TB.

For x86 architectures, the most I'm seeing in any available
motherboard is 12 DIMMs per socket with current dual socket offerings
that go to 768GB (384GB per socket, 32GB per DIMM slot). However if
you go to ark.intel.com and check out the E7-4xxx it shows that it can
address up to 2TB of memory and the E7-8xxx can address up to 4TB of
memory. So with either of these solutions, to maximize the total
amount of memory that any one processor could see in a board filled
with all CPU sockets, you'd need at least 512GB per socket (4 socket
solution for the E7-4xxx and 8 socket for the E7-8xxx), I just don't
see that anyone has made such a motherboard yet.

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