[Beowulf] Configuration management tools/strategy

Mohamed Adel Mohamed.Adel at bibalex.org
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Hi Walid,

I tried Bright Cluster Manager 6.0, and it worked fine for me. You can ask for a trial version from http://www.brightcomputing.com/Where-to-Buy.php. There is an advanced edition for large and complex clusters.


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Dear All,

At work we are starting to evaluate Configuration management to be used to manage several diverse hpc clusters, and their diverse node types. I wanted to see what are other admins, and HPC users experience like,  the ones that we will start evaluating are CFEngine3, Puppet, Chef, Saltstack, ansible, and blueprint. there might other products that we need to evluate in partnership such as Foreman, spacewalk, ..etc.

I would like to hear from you if you did evaluate such tools, or using one, or have a different strategy in keeping and maintaining configurations.

Thank you,

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