[Beowulf] The Mind Behind the Nascom-1

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worth sticking with thsi article till page 4 - or indeed just advance
straight to page 4.

The concepts behind that PgC7000 processor were pretty revolutionary!
An Ultra-RISC core, overclocking itself as much as it could, decoupled from
clocked I/O
Bipolar logic instead of CMOS (*) - to go faster. Low voltage operation.

"Today, Shelton reckons, even fabbed using CMOS rather than bipolar, it
would be barely a millimetre in size yet capable of clock speeds of many
Wow  - wish someone would do that! We need something revolutionary.

(*) ps.whatever happened to my 'first love' - emitter coupled logic?
I spent many happy hours as a graduate student (**) in learning about
FASTBUS for (at the time)
blazingly fast DAQ - because ECL goes faster.
I guess no-one can fight City Hall (or commodity chips)

(**)  Yes - I SHOULD have been chasing girls! Later found in life
that women are really UNIMPRESSED with fancy DAQ hardware.
Now - red Mazda sports cars? Now you're talking.
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