[Beowulf] Degree

Lux, Jim (337C) james.p.lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Oct 24 08:55:13 PDT 2012

OTOH, when I transfered institutions between MS and PhD, what I learned from the process (on the administrative side) was that the only hard/real requirement was that I *pay* for 30 credit hours of research study.  Call this a cautionary tale, in that you need to check out their academic AND administrative requirements ahead of time.  More than likely, there will need to be some expenditure.

>> matriculation requirements are often a form of making sure they get their fee, one way or another, notwithstanding the words in the catalog about the value (which is real) of shared experience and interaction with other students. (of course, in CS these days, based on observation of my daughter's roommates at JHU, your only interaction is with your computer in your dorm room as you grind out the assignments late into the night)

Friendly word of advice on this:  find an advisor (Masters or Ph.D) who publishes with a frequency greater than 1 paper per year.

>> another word of advice (from my father's PhD chairman, of all people): Find an advisor who is not a recently minted young buck out to prove himself by running all his advisees through an even more rigorous course of work than he himself performed.  Get an older, wiser, more administratively savvy advisor who understands the real purpose of the program is to push people through with basic competence and the ability to acquit themselves well under pressure. 

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