[Beowulf] Given all the recent infrastructure talk...

Andrew Holway andrew.holway at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 10:30:52 PDT 2012

> bitter?  sure.  to me Canadian HPC is on the verge of extinction,
> partly because of this issue.

Is Canadien HPC a distinct entity from US HPC?

For instance; although chock full of HPC and computational science
Ireland does not have enough HPC to support its own industry. They
seem to buy from the UK or from SGI/BULL. In fact, apart from the odd
random funding splurge, neither does the UK. It seems to me there is
not enough business or a large enough pool of emplyable people to
support a healthy industry. Germany seems to do ok however, not sure
about France.

I wonder if there is a HPC 'critical mass'.

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