[Beowulf] Any recommendations for a good JBOD?

Gerald Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Thu Feb 18 10:12:05 PST 2010

For what you're describing, I'd consider CoRAID's AoE technology and 
system, and use their RAID6 capability. Otherwise, get yourself a box 
with up to 8 slots, preferably with hot-swap capability, and forge ahead.


Rahul Nabar wrote:
> Discussions that I read on this list in the last couple of months
> tempt me to do away with hardware RAID entirely for a new
> mini-storage-project I have to do. I am thinking of going for a JBOD
> with Linux Software RAID via mdadm. Hardware RAID just doesn't have
> the original awesomeness that it had me mesmerized with.
> Any recommendations for a good JBOD? The requirements are simple. 5
> Terabytes total capacity. SATA drives. Don't need high performance:
> these are for archival home dirs. No active jobs run from this
> storage. Reliability and low price are key. Some kind of
> Direct-Attached Storage box. RAID5 or RAID6 maybe. Already have a
> pretty fast 8 core server with lots of RAM that I can hook this up to.
> Neither bandwidth nor IOPS  need to be terribly high. Most of the data
> here is pretty static and not often moved around.
> One of the things I notice is that 5 Terabytes seems too low-end these
> days. Can't find many solutions tailored to this size. Most come with
> 12 or 16 bays etc. which seems excessive for this application.

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