[Beowulf] Visualization toolkit to monitor scheduler performance

David N. Lombard dnlombar at ichips.intel.com
Thu Feb 18 06:47:54 PST 2010

On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 07:25:34AM -0800, Brian D. Ropers-Huilman wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 15:56, Rahul Nabar <rpnabar at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Are there any generic "scheduler visualization" tools out there?
> We've been developing in-house tools for this (both representing usage
> overall, but recently focusing on a scheduler view) for a while. We
> have a set of command-line tools to produce reports and graphs. Here's
> one graph for a snapshot of a view for the month of December on one of
> our clusters with 256 nodes and 2048 cores:
> http://www.msi.umn.edu/~bropers/calhoun_december.png
> http://www.msi.umn.edu/~bropers/group_calhoun_jan2010.png
> We run torque with Moab and this is a result of parsing the torque
> logs. We are still going through and validating the code and adding
> features and may be at a point, somewhere in the future, where we'd be
> comfortable releasing it.


That's an outstanding job!  There's a tremendous amount of information that's
quite easy to understand.  I do hope you release it soon.

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