[Beowulf] Transient NFS Problems in New Cluster

Prentice Bisbal prentice at ias.edu
Wed Feb 3 07:29:52 PST 2010

Jon Forrest wrote:
> On 2/2/2010 2:29 PM, Joe Landman wrote:
>> We still recommend turning off autofs for home directories. We've seen
>> lots of problems with it on many clusters. Hard mounts are IMO better.
>> That server should be able to handle it.
> These problems were also happening for another
> non-home mount, but I hear what you're saying.
> This is the only cluster we're seeing the problem
> on, but then this is the only cluster with a
> Sun storage server. All the others are using
> CentOS 5.X. Do you think this problem could
> be caused by the server? Also, what do you
> believe the fundamental cause is?

In my case, the fileserver was a NetApp, and the client was a rebuild of


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