[Beowulf] Re: GPU Beowulf Clusters

richard.walsh at comcast.net richard.walsh at comcast.net
Mon Feb 1 07:24:13 PST 2010

David Mathog <mathog at caltech.edu> wrote: 

>Jon Forrest <jlforrest at berkeley.edu> wrote: 
>> Are there any other issues I'm leaving out? 
>Yes, the time and expense of rewriting your code from a CPU model to a 
>GPU model, and the learning curve for picking up this new skill. (Unless 
>you are lucky and somebody has already ported the software you use.) 

Coming in on this late, but to reduce this work load there is PGI's version 
10.0 compiler suite which supports accelerator compiler directives. This 
will reduce the coding effort, but probably suffer from the classical "if it is 
easy, it won't perform as well" trade-off. My experience is limited, but 
a nice intro can be found at: 


You might also inquire with PGI about their SC09 course and class notes 
or Google for them. 


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