[Beowulf] eth-mlx4-0/15

Robert Kubrick robertkubrick at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 18:25:30 PDT 2009

I noticed my machine has 16 drivers in the /proc/interrupts table  
marked as eth-mlx4-0 to 15, in addition to the usual mlx-async and  
mlx-core drivers.
The server runs Linux Suse RT, has an infiniband interface, OFED 1.1  
drivers, and 16 Xeon MP cores , so I'm assuming all these eth-mlx4  
drivers are supposed to do "something" with each core. I've never  
seen these irq managers before. When I run infiniband apps the  
interrupts go to both mlx-async and eth-mlx4-0 (just 0, all the other  
drivers don't get any interrupts). Also the eth name part looks  

I can't find any reference online, any idea what these drivers are  

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