[Beowulf] Any industry-standards that allow automated BIOS modifications and dumping? IPMI cannot do it, can it?

Prentice Bisbal prentice at ias.edu
Fri Oct 23 07:42:56 PDT 2009

> The relevant log snippet is:
> checking for EVP_aes_128_cbc in -lcrypto... no
> checking for MD5_Init in -lcrypto... no
> checking for MD2_Init in -lcrypto... no
> ** The lanplus interface requires an SSL library with EVP_aes_128_cbc defined.
> Any clues what  I am doing wrong? I used: "./configure --enable-intf-lanplus"
> I checked that I have openssl, libgcrypt and  libgcrypt-devel installed.
> I even found the file "ibcrypt.so.1" and created the link:
> "ln -s /lib/libcrypt.so.1 /usr/lib/libcrypto.so" (as per the link Greg had sent)
> Which one is the "SSL library with EVP"? Ideas?

The proper way to deal with this is to set LDFLAGS to include the
correct lib directories in the correct order before running configure.
While symlinks work, it can lead to a mess if done too often.

On 64-bit RHEL-based systems, I've found that /usr/lib64 and lib64 are
often overlooked and must be explicitly specified in LDFLAGS. I don't
know why could be poorly written configure scripts.

The proper search path for include directories should be defined in


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