[Beowulf] Re: Any industry-standards that allow automated BIOS modifications and dumping? IPMI cannot do it, can it?

Greg Keller Greg at keller.net
Thu Oct 22 13:31:49 PDT 2009

Hi Rahul,

> [of course, maybe some of my settings are naiive or erronous; feel
> free to correct me]

> I can pretty much remote monitor logs, stats, remote power reset etc.
> The only two things I cannot:
> (1) Can't do a Serial-on-LAN (SOL); My Dell server needs a special
> card (read more money) for this function. That is unfortunate.
What server?  If you have Power Control via IPMI SoL is there (at  
least anything less than 3 years old.  Hopefully it's just ipmitool  
recompile as others suggested... all the prebuilt packages I've ever  
used had it.

> (2)Can't mod the BIOS settings or even dump them. Is there a way to
> modify the BIOS settings via. IPMI (in general)
Dell provides for cmd line changing of almost all BIOS/RAID/Remote  
Access Card settings via their own tool, omconfig.  Proprietary, yes.  
Works, yes.  Avoid all the gui stuff during the installation with a  
couple install flags and the command line "omconfig", "omreport" are  
very scriptable.  Industry standard, if you're Dell :)  Googling for  
either will get you straight to the command line reference:


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