[Beowulf] SC09 Help

Douglas Eadline deadline at eadline.org
Mon Oct 19 14:02:00 PDT 2009

An opportunity has come up for me to demonstrate
some progress in my Limulus project at SC09. I have negotiated
a corner of a trade show booth in which to demonstrate
some hardware. Think of this hardware:


placed in a case that measures 22x20x9 (inches) with
a single PS (and some other goodies).

The booth opportunity came late in the game after I
had already rented myself out as a "booth geek"
to various vendors.

I am interested if there are individual(s)
who could stand next to the machine and answer
questions. Any amount of time would be appreciated.
You will get filled in on the design before hand.
I will provide a badge if needed and you will also
get a Limulus t-shirt and of course immediate fame.
If you know of a local Linux users group or students who
might be interested, please forward this email to

Thanks - Oh and look for an announcement about the
Monday night Beobash/LECCIBG real soon. (I'm not organizing
it so has a good chance of being successful)


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