[Beowulf] Best Practices SOL vs Cyclades ACS

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Tue Oct 13 13:47:44 PDT 2009

> Do you have SOL on the HP DL145-G2 ?

to be honest, I've never tried it.  our machines came with HP's XC distro,
which includes a console logging/terminal command.  it appears to use the 
telnet interface, though, not ipmi sol.

> I also have these nodes, and although I can use most ipmi functions
> (including remote access power up/cycle), I can not get SOL to work.

my naive attempt to use sol gets me "Insufficient privilege level"
(that's for the admin account, which has "OEM" priv level.  over local/open
"ipmi sol info 2" gets me:
Error requesting SOL parameter 'Set In Progress (0)': Invalid command

> Also, i have noticed that the kipmi0 daemon does consume a little bit,

that's a thread for the local/open ipmi interface.  you don't need it at all
if you use the lan interface.

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