[Beowulf] One time passwords and two factor authentication for a HPC setup (might be offtopic? )

Leif Nixon nixon at nsc.liu.se
Mon Oct 12 12:30:53 PDT 2009

Rahul Nabar <rpnabar at gmail.com> writes:

> Are there any good open source alternatives? The actual
> time-seeded random-number generation key fobs seem pretty cheap (less
> than $20 a piece e.g. http://www.yubico.com/products/yubikey/ ). So
> the hardware is OK  but I still need the backend software to tie it in
> to /etc/passwd or PAM or some such mechanism. The software I found was
> either Win-based or catered to apache or email etc. I did find VASCO
> and CryptoCard but am not sure they are the right fit.

Uhm, you did find the open-source PAM libs, validation servers, etc,
for the yubikey?

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