[Beowulf] ATX on switch

Tony Travis a.travis at abdn.ac.uk
Sun Oct 4 06:08:23 PDT 2009

Tomislav Maric wrote:
> Hi again,
> where can I get an "on/off" and "reset" switch for ATX motherboard
> without buying and ripping apart a case?
>  Should I make one? I'm planning on having up to 12 mobos: should I use
> software for powering them off and reseting them (i.e. over LAN), or
> make a bunch of switches and place them in a case? Any suggestions?
> I'm afraid to use a screwdriver and short circuit the pins. :)

Hello, Tomislav.

You could set the BIOS to power state to "ON after AC loss".

I do this because I have lots of COTS PC's in tower cases on industrial 
shelving in our computer room and it's awkward to go round pressing all 
the on/off switches ;-)


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