[Beowulf] recommendation on crash cart for a cluster room: full cluster KVM is not an option I suppose?

Skylar Thompson skylar at cs.earlham.edu
Sat Oct 3 10:26:13 PDT 2009

Rahul Nabar wrote:
> Thanks Skylar. I just found I have bigger problems. I thought I was
> done since ipmitool did a happy make; make install.
> But nope:
> ./src/ipmitool -I open chassis status
> Could not open device at /dev/ipmi0 or /dev/ipmi/0 or /dev/ipmidev/0:
> No such file or directory
> Error sending Chassis Status command
> I don't think I have the impi devices visible. From googling this
> seems a bigger project needing insertion of some kernel modules. There
> goes my weekend! :)

Yeah. I've run into that problem too. You do need IPMI modules loaded if
you're connecting locally over the IPMI bus. Here's the modules I see
loaded on one of my RHEL5 Dell systems:

ipmi_devintf           44753  0
ipmi_si                77453  0
ipmi_msghandler        72985  2 ipmi_devintf,ipmi_si

If you can't get the IPMI devices working even after loading those
modules, you might try looking at configuring your system's IPMI network
interface manually. You should be able to do this during the boot
process on any system (look for a device called "Service Processor" or
"Baseboard Management Controller" after POST and before the OS boots).
Some systems also have their own non-IPMI ways of configuring IPMI. If
you're on Dell you can use OpenManage's omconfig command-line tool.
Older x86 Sun systems like the v40z and v20z would let you key in the
network information from the front panel, while newer Sun systems let
you connect over a serial port to configure it.

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