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>> I'm really surprised that everyone just screams "Nehalem" - of course the 
>> platorm is the fastest that you can buy for money at the moment. It is the 
>> youngest design so that is not suprising. 
>> But clustering is always about price/performance. And AMD doesn't look so 
>> bad there. 
>Absolutely. The price/performance ratio is what I'm really interested in. 

Of course, neither the numerator or denominator here are atomic.  In particular, 
performance must refer to sustained performance on your application(s). I would 
expect bandwidth intensive applications to show enough of an advantage on 
Nehalem to compensate for the difference in processor price; on the other hand 
if you are planning a socket-only upgrade, the result might be different.  This  
is an occasion to break out Excel, and crunch your numbers.  In addition, 
I would consider the average processor count of the your work load.  If it typically 
does not exceed your current system size, running two clusters with different 
architectures as a throughput engine might make sense.  


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