[Beowulf] user stats on clusters

Huw Lynes lynesh at cardiff.ac.uk
Fri Feb 27 14:22:23 PST 2009

On Fri, 2009-02-27 at 15:41 -0600, Gerry Creager wrote:
> A general question: What're folks using for stats, including queue wait, 
> execution times, hours/month?  Any suggestions?

We have PBSPro as our queue manager. It ships with a tool that will dump
reports of all the stats you just mentioned. The reports aren't the
prettiest but they are functional. We have some code that dumps these to
slightly prettier reports on a monthly basis. 

There are also tools available that will dump the PBS accounting logs to
XML so that you can easily translate them into other data formats.
Writing some code to routinely dump all this data into an RDBMS of some
sort is on my long list of things to do "at some point in the future".


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