[Beowulf] technical comparison of different MPI-implementations?

Nogotheg nogotheg at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 17:07:29 PST 2009

Hello list,

some nice guys told me to ask the pros for my question and adress myself to 
the beowulf-list. After searching the archives with different search terms, 
I decided to ask this question on the list - hoping it wasn't asked that 
often before ;-).

Could anybody of you point me to some readings (manuals, papers, websites) 
where different open source MPI-implementations are compared? I don't ask 
for some suggestion which one to use. I want to dig into that for myself 
(even though I always welcome any help ;-) ) and have a look into the code. 
So any writings about the technical details (like _how_ is openmpi treating 
shm compared to mpich, _why_ is lam-mpi better when using ethernet than 
FOO-mpi, etc.).

Thank you very much for your time (and please don't hesitate to point me to 
some FAQ/RTFM site if existant...),


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