[Beowulf] Please help to setup Beowulf

Bill Broadley bill at cse.ucdavis.edu
Thu Feb 19 13:28:29 PST 2009

Bill Rankin wrote:
>> The fact that I  
>> never met a serious PBS shop that had not made local custom changes to  
>> the source code also soured me on deploying it when I was putting such  
>> things into conservative IT shops who were still new and fearful of  
>> Linux.
> One thing to note on Chris's review is that the PBS he is referring to
> is effectively OpenPBS.  PBS Pro from Altair is a different product
> entirely (forked from OpenPBS many years and feature sets ago).  One
> important item is that PBS Pro support job arrays very nicely.

While true, I ran openpbs and pbs pro (via a free to .edu program) and they
were both terrible.  I talked to other users, support forums, and related and
found many with the same story.  Instead of playing the apply random patch
from 3rd parties game I switched batch queues.

Granted this was 5+ years ago, I assume things are better now, and have heard
quite a few good things about torque lately.  SGE does seem the default for
many small/medium clusters these days (and is the Rocks default) but does make
some things strangely hard, usually with a work around though.  In particular
I find the lack of a straight forward way to handle requesting nodes and
processors per node strange.

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