[Beowulf] Problem with ext3 filesystem?

Jin, Yao jinyao at ymail.com
Thu Feb 12 06:43:34 PST 2009

Ten 1TB disks make up of a RAID-5 volume.
My OS is rockslinux 5.0(based on centos 5.1), only ext3 is available during
This volumn is partitioned as one single ext3 filesystem.

On the first reboot after installation , the error occurs:
The filesystem size is 1952447718 blocks
Physical size is 341834982 bloks.
The filesystem is corrupted.

I find that filesystem size is in agreement with actual capacity(
1952447718*4Kb = 7.27TB).

The partition can be mounted manually after entering system. But I can't
stop worring  about unexpected collapse...
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