[Beowulf] NAMD/CUDA scaling: QDR Infiniband sufficient?

Igor Kozin i.n.kozin at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 9 14:04:19 PST 2009

are the slides of this presentation available?

2009/2/9 Dow Hurst DPHURST <DPHURST at uncg.edu>

> Has anyone tested scaling of NAMD/CUDA over QLogic or ConnectX QDR
> interconnects for a large number of IB cards and GPUs?  I've listened to
> John Stone's presentation on VMD and NAMD CUDA acceleration.  The consensus
> I brought away from the presentation was that one QDR per GPU would probably
> be necessary to scale efficiently.  The 60 node, 60 GPU, DDR IB enabled
> cluster that was used for initial testing was saturating the interconnect.
> Later tests on the new GT200 based cards show even more performance gains
> for the GPUs.  1 GPU performing the work of 12 CPUs or 8 CPUs equaling 96
> cores were the numbers I saw.  So with a ratio of 1gpu/12cores, interconnect
> performance will be very important.
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> Dow
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