[Beowulf] Fwd: removing X

Francesco Pietra francesco.pietra at accademialucchese.it
Wed Feb 4 11:00:59 PST 2009

How to purge remove cleanly a damaged X server from a working station
running on debian lenny amd64?

Failure of one (or two) slot(s) of  kingston 400 DDR1 ECC on the
multisocket workstation prevents running startx, presumably by
corrupting files related to X. My work around did not resolve the
issue. Therefore, I would like to remove completely the X server
without leaving broken packages (using aptitude?). This would be the
first step to reinstall X. I rarely use X, except to check the
molecular structure for certain input files to molecular mechanics
software. In this case X is important, not to go on blindly.

I have been advised to carry out a fresh install of linux. I would
like to avoid that because of so many compilations to carry out.

Incidentally, it is my impression that such software as memtest86+ v.
2.11 and lshw find difficult to test such multisocket mainboards as
supermicro H8QC8. Once the damaged slots were replaced with Patriot
400 DDR1 ECC, both bios and top detect all the RAM installed, whic
corresponds to all DIMMs filled. Both lshw and memtest report four
DIMMs empty; this would correspond to 20GB instead of the 24 GB
installed. memtest also reports 23GB total and cached. Clearly,
memtest is confused. Or I am.

francesco pietra

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