[Beowulf] UPS system for Linux cluster

vlad at geociencias.unam.mx vlad at geociencias.unam.mx
Wed Apr 29 04:46:10 PDT 2009


I have a linux cluster and need to purchase a UPS system.
The total expected current consumption will be 240 amps. At 120 V this
would require a 30 kVA UPS system.
However, I see that 30 kVA systems have a limitation for the input
current. For example, this 30 kVA system
(http://www.provantage.com/tripp-lite-su30k3-3xr5~7TRPL1Q9.htm) allows
only 90 amps as input
current. I am a bit confused here, and I need some advice on what UPS
system I should look for.


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