[Beowulf] Re: Beowulf Storage Node

Matt Lawrence matt at technoronin.com
Wed Apr 15 07:24:20 PDT 2009

On Wed, 15 Apr 2009, Jörg Saßmannshausen wrote:

> Dear all,
> in fact, I got the same configuration on my old server. RAID1 for / and a 
> RAID5 for /home.
> I installed that some years ago, following these instructions:
> http://www200.pair.com/mecham/raid/raid1-degraded.html
> You even can, apparently, install grub on the 2 discs so you have some kind 
> of failover when one disc dies (which it actually did some time ago). So the 
> downtime of the system is minimal next to nothing, depending on whether you 
> can hot-swap your discs or not (I cannot as they are IDE).

Well, that's not quite the same as grub being able to actually speak RAID, 
but it is useful if you can afford to dedicate the space.  Typically I 
want my drives in a RAD6 and would prefer not to carve off a chunk of all 
the drives to use as a RAID1.  For typical 1U servers, then RAID1 is the 
way to go, there's often only two drives available.

-- Matt
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