[Beowulf] Moores Law is dying

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As far as "Desktop" machines go there hasn't been an application invented
that needs more.  Because memory & disk storage prices fell programmers got
sloppy & crammed in a lot more, but little to none of it was actually an
application that truly needed more because of purpose, only poor design.

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I think that even if they stop scaling down size of desktop processors due
lack of interest in more performance, 
someone will continue doing it (even at a much slower rate) for HPC market.
No matter how much computing power future processors will have, someone will
invent a application that needs more.

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>An IBM researcher says Moore's Law is running out of gas. IBM Fellow Carl
Anderson, who
>oversees physical design and tools in its server division, predicted the
end of continued exponential
>scaling down of the size and cost of semiconductors: 
>"There was exponential growth in the railroad industry in the 1800s; there
was exponential
>growth in the automobile industry in the 1930s and 1940s; and there was
exponential growth
>in the performance of aircraft until [test pilots reached] the speed of
sound. But eventually
>exponential growth always comes to an end," said Anderson. 
Mmm ... he may be right, but I do not like his historical references which
to conflate engineering and economics.  Better to refer to the improvement
magnets or something similar.  But, I like the speed of sound reference
it suggests that there is a Moore's Law barrier to be broken.  There is a
lot of
talk about "walls" these days ... the memory wall, the power wall, ... but
we with
respect compute power we have a ways to go before we reach the Bremermann

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