[Beowulf] Breaking: IBM pulls bid for Sun Microsoft+Yahoo redux

Kilian CAVALOTTI kilian.cavalotti.work at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 02:11:10 PDT 2009

On Monday 06 April 2009 09:57:48 Greg Lindahl wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 06, 2009 at 08:50:25AM +0100, Huw Lynes wrote:
> > If true, I choose to interpret this as a very good thing. Assuming Sun
> > doesn't declare chapter 11 next week.
> Sun has several billion dollars in the bank. But you did notice all
> the damage that Yahoo suffered from the failed Microsoft bid? Just
> wait until Sun's stock price falls back to what it was, and watch the
> wagons circle and the guns fire inwards.

Happening now. Sun's stock price fell almost 25% overnight, and the market is 
not even open yet...


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