[Beowulf] ssh authenticity issue

Francesco Pietra francesco.pietra at accademialucchese.it
Sun Apr 5 12:24:46 PDT 2009

I wanted to carry out a test of parallel installation of a molecular
dynamics program (amber) operating directly on the parallel computer
(the ssh daemon was stopped)

The command (as user)

make test < /dev/null

asked to confirm the RSA key fingerprint, unable to establish the
authenticity of the host (the same computer). I entered NO in the fear
of overwriting pub keys (please see below the reason).

ssh scp works perfectly passwordless in an internal network of two
servers and a desktop thorough a router (thus, IP assigned permanently
by the router). I must add that the computing machine at issue knows
itself through the keys, i.e., if i type

ssh computername date

the date is obtained passwordless (this is needed by one of
computational programs which needs this feature for its
parallelization and it is a feature destroyed by overwritings).

I can't explain better the above "< /dev/null", just taken from amber's manual.

for any idea, thanks

francesco pietra

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