[Beowulf] Rackable / SGI

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Wed Apr 1 07:46:50 PDT 2009

John Hearns wrote:
> 2009/4/1 Kilian CAVALOTTI <kilian.cavalotti.work at gmail.com>:
>> That's good to hear, especially for the US market. I was thinking about us,
>> European customers, who don't have access to that many "smaller" (no
>> disrespect nor disdain here) companies, and who often have to rely on big
>> names for our HPC projects. There are a few services/integration HPC companies
>> in the EU, but not any that I'm aware of selling their own hardware, as
>> Scalable or Penguin do.
> ????? I know that both Streamline and Clustervision will do you a
> Supermicro build.
> I think you are talking to the wrong people to be honest!

John beat me to it.  Our friends over at Streamline do very good 
business in the EU.  There are a few others as well, as John has noted.

HPC is alive and well in smaller shops in the EU/UK/... region.

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