[Beowulf] Shanghai vs Barcelona, Shanghai vs Nehalem

Bill Broadley bill at cse.ucdavis.edu
Wed Oct 22 00:08:34 PDT 2008

Jeff Layton wrote:
> Those who know, can't say anything :) Be patient grasshopper, be patient.

An increasing amount of hardware seems to be floating around outside of NDAs, 
the latest of some interest (to me anyways) is:

They mention at the beginning:
Register Hardware has reported on both the processor and chipset - however, we 
can’t reveal processor performance figures until the date of the official launch.

For some reason they don't count clock speed, power usage, pcmark 05, 3DMark 
06, bandwidth, or memory latency.

Looks like a rather nice memory system, and not too crazy power usage. 
Certainly not the benchmarks I'd like to see, but better than nothing.

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