[Beowulf] Nehalem Xeons

Jeff Layton laytonjb at att.net
Wed Oct 15 06:18:54 PDT 2008

Prentice Bisbal wrote:
> Sounds like Intel has something to hide.
Nope. They just track people who talk badly about Intel and
then they send around the black helicopters and the little blue
men and the silver suit dudes will come talk to you :)

Actually this makes perfect sense for all chip manufacturers.
The reason is that early numbers may or may not be
indicative of final performance. If an early number sneaks
out and the final performance is less. then people will howl,
"Why did you kill performance? You are so evil? I hate you!"
If performance is better than perhaps you've turned people off
of your new fancy product, "Well blank-blank wasn't smart
enough to give out early numbers, especially to me, so I don't
ever want to talk to them again. They're evil!"

It's indeed a difficult game to play. You want to develop lust
for your product (Apple is the master of this) but you don't
want to kill popularity for it in either direction.

So it makes perfect sense for companies not to release anything
early. It doesn't mean they have anything to hide. It means they
are trying to build good momentum for their products.

Just relax and hang in there. When Intel announces Nehalem I'm
sure they will release benchmarks. The same is true for AMD
when they announce Shanghai. It's all part of the fun :)


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