[Beowulf] SiCortex experience anyone?

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Tue May 27 11:09:16 PDT 2008

> Does anyone have any experience with SiCortex machines? Any thoughts? They 
> look cool and they don't use much power but I wonder how they compare to 
> blade type systems.

eh?  blade systems are just tweaks for packaging and cable-management.
I don't believe they have much if any advantage over well-designed 
non-blade hardware.  or did you mean that both blades and sicortex 
are basically boutique approaches, as opposed to fungible/commodity?

> I know they are not Beowulfs but being distributed 
> memory machines I figured someone here might have real-world experience with 
> one.

I think it's still a beowulf if you apply "the beowulf approach" 
(linux and open-source HPC clustering) to non-commodity hardware.
we still have a beowulf of Compaq ES40 alphas, for instance.

regards, mark hahn.

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