[Beowulf] local and private net on one switch?

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Wed May 21 21:06:09 PDT 2008

> both the local and private nets were plugged into the same (dumb)
> switch.  That is, both 192.168 and 131.215 packets are bouncing around
> inside the same switch.  There is a single cable from the switch to the

well, it's unconventional, but only an issue for protocols that 
attempt to use IP address for security.  that is, anything based on ssh
doesn't care, but it matters for rsh, conventional forms of nfs, dns, etc.

> campus net (131.215).  I've never heard of mixing nets like that on a
> switch, but it seems to be working more or less ok.  Presumably the

the switch, of course, doesn't know or care about your subnets - 
switches are layer2, which operates solely on the basis mac addresses.

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