[Beowulf] Mix different drives in RAID (WD4000YR and WD5000YS)

Yaroslav Halchenko list-beowulf at onerussian.com
Wed May 21 08:22:27 PDT 2008

Hi Beowulfers,

I had 1 drive failed in the RAID (WD4000YR) so I sent it for replacement
and got back (WD5000YS), so it is of similar series but larger in
capacity. Performance metrics of replacement seems to be at least as
good as of old one. But I still wonder if RAID would digest it nicely
(we use Areca ARC1160) and I don't want to try it hard way (ie use
new one as a spare and wait until raid fails and starts rebuilding).
Areca controller has Capacity Truncation capability so larger size of a
new drive should be (theoretically) ok, but I still wonder what
implications I might encounter. May be someone could share ideas or

Thanks in advance!
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