[Beowulf] Do these SGE features exist in Torque?

Prentice Bisbal prentice at ias.edu
Mon May 12 06:14:33 PDT 2008

Reuti wrote:
> Hi,
> Am 09.05.2008 um 20:26 schrieb Prentice Bisbal:
>> At a previous job, I installed SGE for our cluster. At my current job
>> Torque is the queuing system of choice. I'm very familar with SGE, but
>> only have a cursory knowledge of Torque (installed it for evaluation,
>> and that's it). We're about to purchase a new cluster. I'd have to make
>> a good argument for using SGE over Torque. I was wondering if the
>> following SGE features exist in Torque:
>> 1. Interactive shells managed by queuing system
>> 2. Counting licenses in use (done using a contributed shell script in
>> SGE)
>> 3. Separation of roles between submit hosts, execution hosts, and
>> administration hosts
>> 4. Certificate-based security.
>> Are there any notable features available in Torque that aren't available
>> in SGE?
> what you can find in Torque but not in SGE: request a mixture of nodes,
> i.e. one heavy node with much memory (or big I/O options) and 5 nodes
> with less memory or less disk performance for a parallel job.

Huh? Can you elaborate? My initial thought is "why would you need
this?", but I think I see where you're going with this...
> OTOH, if you have parallel jobs:
> http://www.beowulf.org/archive/2007-September/019269.html

Thanks for the link. From my understanding of SGE, you can get tight
integration with just about any MPI implementation. Is that true?

> What is different between them from the idea: in Torque you submit a job
> into a queue, while in SGE you request resources and SGE will select an
> appropriate queue for you.

You'll have to elaborate on this, too. From my knowledge of SGE, you had
 to specify the correct queue, too, or it went into the default queue.
In  SGE you can specify resources such as mem >= 32 GB for a node, or
arch=AMD64. You can't do this with Torque? Seems like a very basic
queuing system feature.


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