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Alan Louis Scheinine ascheinine at tuffmail.us
Mon May 12 01:26:22 PDT 2008

This thread has also been used to discuss IPMI.
We installed 1U cases in a rack and plugged-in the machines
but they were turned-off.
The air-conditioning installment was not finished, the rack doors
were open but the lower part had many cables that basically
covered the rear part of the nodes.  That area became so hot
that the rubber on the power supply cords became soft.
Even the part of the racked U1 cases whose air flow was not
blocked by cables, the internal part of the case became so hot
that the main board "refused" to start.
Moral: I won't mention the brand because I cannot compare to other
brands, for our particular nodes the IPMI did not have even a
tiny fan, no ventilation, but the IPMI card generates a fair
amount of heat; the nodes need externally forced cold air when only
IPMI is active.
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