[Beowulf] Recent comparisons of 1600 MHz external Harpertown vs. 235x AMD processors?

Joshua mora acosta joshua_mora at usa.net
Wed May 7 21:12:59 PDT 2008

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The comparison is against Harpertown 2.8 at 1.3GHz FSB since they have
equivalent power consumption. Look for instance at compute intensive
Comparison against Harpertown 3.0 at 1.6GHz FSB with 800MHz isn't there but I
can say despite its improvement on multiple directions it does not close the
huge gap on those memory intensive applications.

Joshua Mora.

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Subject: [Beowulf] Recent comparisons of 1600 MHz external Harpertown vs.	235x
AMD processors?

> Hello all.
> Sorry if this has been addressed already -- I searched the mailing list
archives and didn't find any answers.
> Has there been a recent (i.e., conducted this year with shipping silicon)
performance study/benchmark of the "Harpertwon" family of Intel Xeon
processors running with an external clock of 1600 MHz against a suitable
high-end member of the AMD "Barcelona" family, e.g., 2354 or 2356?
> I've found various comparisons done in 2007 with pre-release AMD silicon,
and conducted by "consumer grade" web sites like Tom's Hardware and Anandtech.
 I'm looking for something more rigorous, and done with a mind toward
parallel/cluster applications, preferably on some form of Linux.
> I loathe that I'd have to use an nvidia chipset with the AMD processors, but
I wouldn't want the dead-end memory architecture of the current Intel chips to
become an issue.
> Thanks!
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