[Beowulf] Recent comparisons of 1600 MHz external Harpertown vs. 235x AMD processors?

Bill Johnstone beejstone3 at yahoo.com
Wed May 7 10:10:16 PDT 2008

Hello all.

Sorry if this has been addressed already -- I searched the mailing list archives and didn't find any answers.

Has there been a recent (i.e., conducted this year with shipping silicon) performance study/benchmark of the "Harpertwon" family of Intel Xeon processors running with an external clock of 1600 MHz against a suitable high-end member of the AMD "Barcelona" family, e.g., 2354 or 2356?

I've found various comparisons done in 2007 with pre-release AMD silicon, and conducted by "consumer grade" web sites like Tom's Hardware and Anandtech.  I'm looking for something more rigorous, and done with a mind toward parallel/cluster applications, preferably on some form of Linux.

I loathe that I'd have to use an nvidia chipset with the AMD processors, but I wouldn't want the dead-end memory architecture of the current Intel chips to become an issue.


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