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Sat Jun 21 00:44:36 PDT 2008

The MAD doctrine still applies.  Attacking advancing formations with
tactical nukes is still a far cry from a full-scale nuke exchange. The
former is a battlefield tactic and places limited (friendly) military units
in danger while the latter will destroy your labor force, production
capabilities and so on.  In spite of what we might think of how crazy those
guys are behind the big red button the generals and politicians tend to
realize these facts. 

If I might complete devolve the thread and go waaaay off-topic.  Does anyone
remember the movie Failsafe?


Geoff Galitz
Blankenheim NRW, Deutschland

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>> That's why I think nuclear weapons are hardly a mean to kill military
>> troops on a battlefield. 
> Strategic nukes, no.  Tactical nukes, yes.
Now find an effective way of preventing a tactical exchange from
escalating to a strategic exchange.

Geoffrey D. Jacobs

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