[Beowulf] security for small, personal clusters

Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Fri Jun 20 19:55:23 PDT 2008

Just don't worry and live a happy life.


On Jun 20, 2008, at 6:30 PM, Mark Kosmowski wrote:

> What kind of security is recommended for the owner of a small personal
> cluster?  Where should the owner of a small, personal cluster go to
> learn about security?  Doing searches tends to give a few "head in the
> sand" sites but predominantly seem to be oriented for the security
> professional.
> I maintain a small 3 node personal cluster used for my part-time PhD
> studies in chemistry.  So far I've just kind of been hoping that I'm
> too small to bother with and that the firewalls (Linux and switch)
> between my boxes and the cable internet do something.  I do use ssh
> for cluster communications, and have disabled the reknowned unstable
> services such as ftp.
> RGB mentioned running services on non-standard ports.  This seems like
> a good idea to further reduce the probability of successful attack.
> I'll look into this in a couple weeks when I'm laid off and will have
> more time on the IT side of things.
> Are there any good sites aimed at the small user to slowly learn a
> little bit about security?  Or are the only choices to do security
> full-time or forget about it entirely?
> What sorts of security do other here have on their personal clusters?
> Is maybe the simplest idea to just disable TCP/IP across the internet
> network while not in use and enable it when it needs to be up?
> Thanks,
> Mark E. Kosmowski
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